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- Outer and inner perforated screens in stainless steel AISI 430.

- Heavy duty chassis and general mechanics.

- Bearings and support of top quality range (SKF).

- High performing fans in reversed blade design ensuring low noise level.

- Central recirculation auger reinforced along the sections more submitted to wearing.

- Outer pipes of the augers in large thickness and treated with hot dip galvanization offering a  long resistance to abrasion.

- Electric motors and their control devices oversized.

- Insulation and protection of the electric boxes, safety and control devices protected in grade IP 65.

- Multiple safety systems with permanent communication between all sensors and control devices.

- Electric cables and wirings protected by reinforced sheaths in high grade of insulation against squashing and corrosion.

- Operating software under control of  a PLC unit of last generation.




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