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Indirect fire drying process prevents any mixing of drying air flow and exhausts of the combustion. It is a solution that offers the main advantage of having high quality and totally uncontaminated dried grain. Today, indirect fire drying process is still not compulsory, except in some countries and only for some products. However, it is undeniable that in recent years market operators – farmers; traders; food processing industries – have became more and more sensitive and pay more and more attention on this aspect of the drying grain process.

As an answer to this major sensitivity, Pedrotti offers now the latest generation of Heat exchanger “COMPACT” series.

The modern design, the compact structure, the employment of very precious materials (three different kind of steel) in order to optimize the heat performance, permit to overcome all traditional obstacles that can occurs with an heat exchanger (high extra charge; high fuel consumption; low limit of the temperature for working). As a result the price is much more competitive and the heat performance is never under the 90%.

  Heat Exchanger functioning's principle

The “Compact” exchanger is installed in the inside of the drier and it does not increase the usual dimensions of the machine. The working temperature can reach 80/90°C beyond the room-temperature.


Machines equipped with heat exchanger have less maximum heat capacity than machines with a standard direct fire system. The reduction is of about 20%.
This limitation does not have any kind of inconveniences or restrictions in the productivity of the machines when they have to dry products that need low or lower middle drying temperature (up to 100°C) – as for rice, sunflower, colza, soy, wheat and barley –.
Instead, for those products that can be dried at a high or medium-high drying temperature (over 110°C) – as for wheat for feed or maize – the reduced maximum heat capacity of these machines implies longer drying process time than the same machines used with direct fire. Drying process times are about 15% longer.
Specific consumption remains basically unchanged.

Example: maize drying.
Machines with direct fire work at a temperature of 130°C – 135°C. Such a temperature offers the best compromise between the dried product’s final quality and the rapidity of the drying process.

On the other hand, machines with heat exchanger cannot work at a temperature over 110 °C, so that the time of the drying process is longer. The final quality of the maize dried by heat exchanger is anyway unreachable, beyond a final specific gravity that is always at the highest value.






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