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Dust Extractor System on fix screen machine with rigid pipes. Dust Extractor with Cyclones external Dust Extractor System on mobile machine with flexible hose





All Pedrotti Driers can be equipped with the dust-extractor system. It is an application distinctive of our design that we have provided since many years. Today, the 80% of the new Pedrotti Driers is equipped with it, to demonstrate that this appreciated equipment is considered very useful.



1) Extracting point
2) Extracting tubing
3) Suction pump
4) Capacity regulating valve
5) Batch tubing
6) Abatement flow
7) Gentle air
8) Dust and impurities on the product

Grain Dryers dust extractor functioning's principle

The system can collect and divert the dust that comes out from the installation. It works by means of an extraction fan of 3 or 4 Hp that takes the impurities at the exit from the top of the central screw conveyer. Dust and impurities are diverted to a cyclone in order to collect and abate them through PVC tubes that are 160 or 200 mm in diameter. The cyclone can be located everywhere up to 15 m, in the more suitable and practical position.

In the most critical conditions, i.e. when the drier is installed very close to civilian houses, the system of dust collection could be integrated by an industrial filter operating by a set of canvas hoses.







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