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The handily winching system by which the machine is converted from the operating position into the trucking position could be replaced by a system hydraulically powered, fast, simple and extremely comfortable for the operator.
The operator controls all the operations via a radio-controlled terminal board connected to a radio-receiver mounted on the machine. The operator does everything always at full security distance and with full eye control.
The components are the following:
A hydraulic dispenser with two pairs of electrovalves (1); a largely oversized piston (2) for the central screw conveyer and an hydraulic motor (3) for the winch of the top retractable screen. Two high-pressure tubes (4) with pipe connection to insert at the tractor’s back hydraulic output. A light cable (5) with light plug of the tractor itself. A control unit (6) with controls on a push-button terminal board (7) fixed on the control unit with pipe connection and cable that permits to work at safety distance but under complete eye control.

Less of 60 seconds to do both operations, with all comfort and safety!
An optional feature absolutely perfect for contracting and for who need to move the machine frequently.

Once the operation has been completed, the tubes connected to the tractor can be removed and they can rewind in the more proper and spice-saving way. The system remains autonomously under pressure.
The system is completed with safety brakes and blockading valves that intervene in the case of oil leak from some connector or in the case of the breaking-off of tubes. The pressure of employment and the
rapidity of the work can be easily regulated and therefore they can be perfectly adapted to the specific features of the hydraulic pump of every tractor.

The safety locks (8) work with a system of interblock, impeding any operator’s unintentional mistake.

Mobile Grain Dryers hydraulic lifting system







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