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Pedrotti Advanced Touch Screen   Pedrotti Advanced Touch Screen




Grain Dryers Pedrotti Control Panel with Advanced Touch ScreenAdvanced Touch Screen

This system is designed only for electrically operated machines (all models).
The “touch screen” eliminates the traditional motor start/stop system by means of the standard start/stop buttons.
It makes it possible to view all control buttons on a backlit screen and to view all operating parameters set at any moment as well as the data concerning the current process (temperature of the drying air, temperature of the cereal, cooling times set and already elapsed. etc.).  
All this is possible by means of a screen page recall system which is extremely easy to use and intuitive.
The “touch screen” panel is also equipped with its own programming memory, which enables the control automatic systems to be enlarged significantly and to save the settings concerning individual cereals, which can be recalled by touching the relevant screen page. 
The unit is available in the 6” or 10” version.

Very close to release a Touch Screen including web facilities (distance vision on PC, smartphone, Tablet, etc., distance changing of parameters, shut-off, changing of the sowftare).







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